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Dr William D.O.Ouma was born and raised in Busia, western Kenya in Africa. He was born into a family of a businessman.
His parents (Samuel & Getrude) lost their businesses through burglary and theft which opened them to life of poverty. Despite the challenges of poverty, his parents were able to put him through school from primary to high school. Friends thereafter helped to put him through college upto Ph.D level.

He received Jesus as his savior in 1978. Before his salvation, he suffered from multiple illnesses and was almost completely bedridden for approximately seven years. His parents tried everything to help him, from the best medical doctors to witch doctors, but he continued to get worse. When the doctors had given up and left him, totally bedridden, to die, he gave his life to Jesus. At that time Jesus miraculously healed him and placed in his heart a desire to serve the Lord. In 1983 he experienced a filling of the Holy Ghost which brought a big change in his life and ministry.
After serving in various capacities in different organizations, Dr Ouma founded HARVEST LAND MINISTRIES in 1989. He has served the Lord as an Evangelist – conducting evangelistic crusades in many nations winning souls for the Kingdom of God. As an Apostle – he has established and provided groundwork, laying the foundation for over 112 churches in several nations most of which he still oversees. As a Pastor – he began, which is now the main church, with 3 members and grew it to over 1000 members within six years and raised the current leadership and other pastors now pastoring branch churches. As a Teacher – he developed curriculum organized and founded a Bible College in the name of Harvest Land Bible College & Seminary which has now grown since 1996 and has trained many ministers working in many parts of the world. The College is currently changing into a Harvest Land University.

In the beginning things were very tight financially. The savings he had lasted only the first two months. Eventually he needed to take up jobs, which were also rare to find, to finance the ministry, often going without meals to save money; nevertheless, his zeal to accomplish the purpose of God in his life helped him to continue pressing on. Today, Harvest Land Ministries International has work in 8 nations namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, D.R.Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, and U.S.A. Dr Ouma lives in Bungoma, Kenya with his wife, Fanny, and two sons Mathew now 22 and Samuel 20. Mathew is at the University pursuing Architecture – Building & Construction Management Degree and Samuel is doing IT, but wants to pursue Law. They are both involved in ministry too; Mathew as a pastor and music ministry and Samuel works with children. His home telephone number is +254-55-30238  or his cell phone number +254-722-444-857  or +254-735-538-116

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